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Art Week

The OUSA Art Week saw the ‘Salon des femmes’ make an appearance at the Red Thread Gallery on 6 August, 2015. My work for this pop up show was documentation of an intervention at the art school a few weeks earlier on the day of a seminar on art and climate change. Printed paper towels with subtle messages about climate change were inserted into the paper towel dispensers in all the DSA public toilets.

climate 3

Red Thread

Shift work

shift work invite

Shift work is my first solo show at Inge Doesburg Gallery + Studio. The show features my series of reduction linocuts on the Dunedin Gasworks completed in 2013 and a new series of three monoprints that also reflect on the social history of Dunedin’s workforce.

Inge 1

Inge 3 Inge 2

Shadow Self

A group show with the Salon des Femmes in association with the Dunedin Fringe Festival 2015 at Mint Gallery, Moray Place, Dunedin from the 6th – 19th March. Each artist responded to the notion of ‘shadow self’ taken from the essay ‘Professions for Women’ by Virginia Woolf.

[Heading nowhere] in a Navy Blue Suit (detail)

[Heading nowhere] in a Navy Blue Suit (detail)

[Heading Nowhere] in a Navy Blue Suit, screenprints on Somerset Velvet paper, 28x76cm
The title is from an essay by Sue Kedgley that refers to women’s failed attempt to fit into a male corporate world. The shadow self is seen as what we deem to unconsciously deny in ourselves yet there are many women in history who have stood their ground. I recall playing dress ups as a young girl. Whether idolising screen stars or venerating the prowess of women through a myriad of media images, the notion of ‘dressing up’ allows the freedom to slip into anecdotes of the imagination and ultimately this affects our future. There are many legendary women that impact on our lives. Who has influenced yours?

Installation view with post it notes honouring women that have influenced the lives of the audience

Installation view with post it notes honouring women that have influenced the lives of the audience

Installation view from the opposite direction with images of myself 'dressing-up'

Installation view from the opposite direction with images of myself ‘dressing-up’


Les morgue des ouvres

The book morgue

An exhibition of the book as art object curated by Michaela and Olivia (2nd year students from the Print Studio aka P Lab) at Dutybound bookbindery, Dunedin, October 2014. The show coincides with the Art+Book symposium and the Otago Arts Festival. It was great to see so many people about on the day of the Dunedin Street Art Festival. My work, Dreamwork, also featured in the exhibition.

book morgue book morguewp2 book morguewp3

street fest

Art & Money


Following four highly successful symposia held at the Dunedin School of Art – ‘Illustrating the Unseeable: Reconnecting Art and Science’ (2009), ‘Art and Law’ (2010) ‘Art and Medicine’ (2011), and ‘Art and Food’ (2012) – the Dunedin School of Art and Brandbach organised a further Symposium, ‘Art and Money’, in August 2013.

The symposium included an exhibition at the Dunedin School of Art gallery.

Installation view 'Art & Money' with works by Pamela Brown and Kerry McKay (foreground), Blair Kennedy and Andrea McSweeney, Marion Wassenaar, and Andrew Hurle

Installation view ‘Art & Money’ with works by Pamela Brown and Kerry McKay (foreground), Blair Kennedy and Andrea McSweeney, Marion Wassenaar, and Andrew Hurle

'withdrawn' 2013 ex library book and digital print, book size 13 x 22 x 14 cm, digital print 39 x 61 cm.

‘Withdrawn’ 2013

Withdrawn includes a digital reproduction taken from the original dust jacket of a retired library book. The hand written text below the image shows a summary of expenditure per capita that reveals the contrast between military expenditure and arts funding.

World military expenditure in 2012 is estimated to have been $249 per capita. Comparison of funding per capita by selected arts Councils and agencies: Arts Council of Wales, $17.80, 2012/2013; Arts Council of England, $13.54, 2010; Australian Council, $8.16, 2010/2011; Creative New Zealand, $2.98, 2009/2010; National Endowment for the Arts USA, $0.47, 2012

On a shelf, directly beneath the image, sits the the library book reduced to a carbon shell.

Withdrawn, 2013

Withdrawn, 2013, ex library book and digital print, book size 13 x 22 x 14 cm, digital print 39 x 61 cm

Art & Neuroscience

Group show of artist and scientist collaborations

The Brain Health Centre, Hunter Centre, University of Otago, Dunedin – 22 July – 9 August 2013

A collaboration along with scientist Dr Lucia Schoderbock and artist Kristin Peren

Slide 1

Slide 1

Baby’s first steps…or the scent of jonquils as a harbinger of spring… these are memories we treasure in life that connect our past to the present and define our identity. But what happens when memories fade – seized through brain injury or disease and get frozen in time? Both Kristin and Marion grew up in a period when family slide shows were a nostalgic reminder of days gone by. The Slide series revisions the slide format with manipulated images sourced from Lucia’s research on adult neurogenesis in memory formation and retrieval.

Our senses were filled with wonder, free to wander, to imagine.

Slide 4 in mount

Slide 4 in mount

Images 46 x 69cm digitally printed on Hahnemeule paper. Edition of five. Framed 100 x 100 cm

Lucia gave us the opportunity to photograph her laboratory slides through the microscope. These images relate to her research on the rescue of memory after brain injury. The encounter was both insightful and hopeful. This was a fascinating and surreal experience resulting in a printed series of manipulated images.

Lucia's slide of the microscopic neurons of the brain

A detail of Lucia’s slide showing neurons in the brain

See the EyeContact review.

Art Heroes

The ‘Art Heroes’ Project

In April 2013, senior students and staff from the DSA Print Laboratory took off for a camping experience and print workshop to my rustic ‘Goatshed’ crib in Kyeburn Diggings, Central Otago. I had recently completed my Masters so it was a good distraction while I awaited my results.

Large scale collagraphs were produced using backing boards rescued from the closure of the Trents spice, herb and baking goods processing plant in Dunedin and recycled cardboard. Day one out on the lawn was sunny and warm so good progress was made on assembling the collagraphs. The temperature turned and down came the rain that evening so day two was spent printing on top of the pool table inside to great results. Thanks go to Neil Emmerson for organising the project and Steev Peyroux for his technical support.

Art Heroes 2013, collagraphs printed on cotton fabric, 120 x 100 cm

The prints were displayed hanging from a clothesline at the DSA Print Studio and at the ‘Audacious’ event, Sargood Centre. The works have been sewn together into a large banner and have been sent to MIT, Auckland for another showing.

Images below of the workshop in action. Featuring, in descending order, collagraphs by Georgia Shearer-Schultz, Tom Ellison (FHDW), Steev Peyroux, Lynn Taylor and Sophie Prinselaar-Smith

Art Heroes

The surrealist cut

Art heroes

This is not a pipe

Art heroes

Monet captures the light

Art Heroes

Jeanette Winterson ponders another world.

Art Heroes

Andy Warhol ‘between the sheets’

Art Heroes

‘Art Heroes’ installation view with the Audacious team

Art Heroes

‘Art Heroes’ installation view


The ‘Art Heroes’ project installation at the Sargood Centre, formerly the Dunedin Public Art Gallery

Master of Fine Arts Exhibition

Carbon Black 2013

Carbon Black  was  my Master of Fine Arts site specific installation at the Dunedin Gasworks Museum coinciding with a documentation show at the Dunedin School of Art Gallery. A chapbook publication was produced for the show. Works also featured in Printeresting

Eve, 2012, digital print from carbonised apple

Eve, 2012, digital print from carbonised apple

A photographic image from Carbon Black was exhibited in Open DoorsPortas Abertas (Open Doors) is an international participatory artistic project organized by Fórum Eugénio de Almeida on the occasion of its opening in the former Palácio da Inquisição (Palace of the Inquisition), marking the start of the cultural and artistic activities to be presented in this new space in Évora, Portugal.