1/1200 (after Duchamp) Take 3

1/1200 (after Duchamp) Take 3 is a reference to Marcel Duchamp’s 1200 coal sacks exhibited at the 1938 Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme held at the Galerie Beaux-Arts in Paris. This is the third iteration in my use of coal sacks that seeks to explore the catastrophic effects of industrialisation and the impact the use of fossil fuels has on our environment. The screenprints adorned the entrance ways to the Dunedin School of Art during the Mapping the Anthropocene symposium. Te works were part of the group exhibition, The Complete Entanglement of Everything, Dunedin School of Art, September 2020.

Marion Wassenaar reminds us of the connection between the coalsack and the sandbag, each dependent upon the other: without the use of greenhouse gases for energy, we would not need to protect our low-lying areas with sandbags or dykes.

Bridie Lonie, The Complete Entanglement of Everything (exhibition catalogue essay), 2020
Marion Wassenaar 1/1200 (after Duchamp) Take 3, 2020, screenprint on paper
1/1200 (after Duchamp) Take 3, 2020. Image credit: Jodie Gibson

Charles Brasch, Letters to the Otago Daily Times

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