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Hold Dear

Hold Dear is a group exhibition with friends and colleagues from the Print Studio DSA and held as a virtual exhibition for the Impact 12 Print Conference in Bristol, UK, 21-25 September 2022.

Each producing separate works, we then spent a weekend on Quarantine Island / Kamau Taurua, Ōtepoti, Dunedin, NZ to film the works for the virtual exhibition.

Kiri Mitchell, Is this seat taken, 2022, screenprint & drawing for paper stop motion film

Lynn Taylor, Graze, 2022, laser cut MDF for frottage, roller prints on Abaca paper, paper boats, digital prints

Marion Wassenaar, lifelines, 2022, laser and hand cut MDF woodcuts, handprinted on emergency blankets

lifelines installed in the historic married quarters building

Images in the slide show above are screen shots from the video footage used to produce the 3 minute video of the combined works. Below are film stills from the final production.

Otakou Press Artist in Residence

To celebrate the 150 year anniversary of the University of Otago in 2019, Otakou Press connected with Lynn Jenner who compiled a number of letters to the editor of the Otago Daily Times written by Charles Brasch. As a significant figure associated with the University, Brasch’s letters raised many concerns, among them the architecture of the University’s buildings and the looming proposal for construction of the Aramoana aluminium smelter.

The letterpress publication was set and printed by Dr John Holmes and included relief printed illustrations in an edition of 100 copies. See the University article here, the ODT article here and a Dunedin City of Literature article here.

Printing 100 copies for publication
Working with Dr John Holmes, passionate letterpress printer

Care Ecology Suite

Custom Print Project collaboration with Madison Kelly

The ‘Care Ecology Suite’, 2018 is a series of six screenprints printed on Pescia fine art paper and produced in the Print Laboratory at the Dunedin School of Art. The suite consists of six drawings by Madison reproduced as screenprints using a double exposure on each. Each print is individually titled as: Takahē, Tui, Hoiho, Kōtare, Kea, Kererū.

I approached Dunedin School of Art graduate Madison Kelly in late 2017 regarding a custom print collaboration to help raise funds for the Wildlife Hospital. I knew that Madison was passionate about animals and shared my interest in wildlife preservation and environmental concerns. Madison’s art practice increasingly adopts ephemeral outcomes as temporary wall drawings. I saw this collaboration as an opportunity to document Madison’s drawing style while at the same time offering funding support to a worthy cause.

Over the course of the year, Madison visited the wildlife hospital and several rehabilitation sites in the area. In her visits, she examined textures, equipment, and spaces that defined the patients’ time at each location. Resulting drawings present hypothetical spaces of care, formed using the visual cues of blankets, wiring, tubes, containers, and wild habitats. The drawings aim to suggest an ecology of care in both artificial healing spaces and the original habitats patients are eventually returned to. Madison’s constructed ‘habitats’ were then constructed into positives for screenprinting. The limited edition screenprints incorporate the outlines of six different species, double exposed into each of the six prints in the series. Two prints, Takahē, and Kea, include a second colour in an attempt to acknowledge the level of care and healing undertaken by the vet nursing staff at the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital.

All proceeds from the sale of this print/series go to the Wildlife Hospital.

Our thanks to Otago Polytechnic for funding support for materials.

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Impact 10 Print Conference


Santander, Spain,  September 1st to 9th, 2018

It was certainly a wonderful encounter with a beautiful city, a large contingent of passionate print enthusiasts and a host of exciting venues, events, galleries, beaches and Cantabrian sunshine! Thanks to the wonderful organisers at SM Pro Art Circle.

I felt privileged to exhibit my burnt, compacted book, ‘Dreamwork’, at MUPAC, The Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology and I presented a paper on the projects undertaken in the Print Lab. I also submitted a print for the Mini Print Biennial at Centro de Arte Faro Cabo Mayor, the local lighthouse.


Melbourne residency

Embarking on a ten day residency in Melbourne was a fast and furious campaign to produce a series of screenprints in the RMIT print studio in a collaboration with Neil Emmerson. I was invited to participate in the Print Imaging Practice Residency as a member of The News Network during July 2016. This is a trans-Tasman nine member collaborative visual arts community, established in response to the spectre of Global Media. The RMIT Lightscape exhibition, BROADCAST, taking place during the residency proclaims a mixture of political and personal positions through images from the news and current affairs.

I was fortunate to have Neil’s local knowledge to guide me through the busy city. Trams moved us around with ease provided you delay morning departure until after 9am. The Real Australians Say Welcome street poster campaign by artist Peter Drew certainly drew my attention to immigration and the rich cultural diversity Melbourne has to offer. My brief sojourn did allow me to savor the delights of the Victoria Markets, see firsthand the Lightscape installation in the outdoor lightboxes and roam the dynamic array of galleries and shops in Fitzroy. All too soon my inspiring stay was over, but I will be back there again in the near future I hope.  Oh, and the prints from the residency are a work in progress with results to follow soon!

Aussie Peter Drew

Real Australians Say Welcome by Peter Drew

Art and Light

An exhibition celebrating the Unesco Year of Light 2015 that brings together scientists from the University of Otago and artists through the Dunedin School of Art. Kiri Mitchell and I teamed up with Janice Lord from the Botany Dept who specialises in night time pollinators in the Subantarctic Islands. We collaborated with braille transcribers Dave Allen and Paula Waby to produce an artists’ book of Dada poetry and the labels for the works in the show.

14 – 30 August at the H D Skinner Annex, Otago Museum.

Art Light 11 Art Light 14

Shadow Self

A group show with the Salon des Femmes in association with the Dunedin Fringe Festival 2015 at Mint Gallery, Moray Place, Dunedin from the 6th – 19th March. Each artist responded to the notion of ‘shadow self’ taken from the essay ‘Professions for Women’ by Virginia Woolf.

[Heading nowhere] in a Navy Blue Suit (detail)

[Heading nowhere] in a Navy Blue Suit (detail)

[Heading Nowhere] in a Navy Blue Suit, screenprints on Somerset Velvet paper, 28x76cm
The title is from an essay by Sue Kedgley that refers to women’s failed attempt to fit into a male corporate world. The shadow self is seen as what we deem to unconsciously deny in ourselves yet there are many women in history who have stood their ground. I recall playing dress ups as a young girl. Whether idolising screen stars or venerating the prowess of women through a myriad of media images, the notion of ‘dressing up’ allows the freedom to slip into anecdotes of the imagination and ultimately this affects our future. There are many legendary women that impact on our lives. Who has influenced yours?

Installation view with post it notes honouring women that have influenced the lives of the audience

Installation view with post it notes honouring women that have influenced the lives of the audience

Installation view from the opposite direction with images of myself 'dressing-up'

Installation view from the opposite direction with images of myself ‘dressing-up’


Les morgue des ouvres

The book morgue

An exhibition of the book as art object curated by Michaela and Olivia (2nd year students from the Print Studio aka P Lab) at Dutybound bookbindery, Dunedin, October 2014. The show coincides with the Art+Book symposium and the Otago Arts Festival. It was great to see so many people about on the day of the Dunedin Street Art Festival. My work, Dreamwork, also featured in the exhibition.

book morgue book morguewp2 book morguewp3

street fest


Salon des femmes got together for a one night show in association with OUSA Art Week. The exhibition theme was a response to the word ‘compact’ and was held in a small entry foyer leading to art studio spaces on 140 George St.

compact to make more dense; compress; condense
condensation Psychology The process by which a single symbol or word is associated with the emotional content of several, not necessarily related ideas, feelings, memories, or impulses, especially as expressed in dreams.

Dream work






The reagent bottle containing the charcoal remains of Sigmund Freud’s book The Interpretation of Dreams, symbolises suppressed hopes and dreams.





Dream work with Becs’ Maquettes I-V 

Check out Salon des femmes for more images.